We ranked every episode of ‘Black Mirror’ based on how bleak it is

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for each Black Mirror episode ever.

Black Mirror is understood worldwide as creepy, frightening, and candidly negative. Who amongst us does not have a pal who keeps their range from the program lest they spiral into existential fear? Fresh from the brand-new season on Netflix, we chose to find out simply how despondent this program is and ranked the episode based upon that.

Now, because we want to do things clinically here at Mashable, we’ve created an easy rubric to figure out how cynical these episodes are.

How depressing is it? (0 = Happy pleased sunlight, 5 = bleak af)
Technology will ruin us (0 = they will not, 5 = they certainly will)
We will damage ourselves (0 = we will not, 5 = we absolutely will)

Here we go.

19. Hang the D.J.

Season 4, episode 4

Frank and Amy are established on a date by “the System,” an extremely advanced algorithm that’s ensured to match individuals with their true love. The catch is that you understand a relationship’s expiration date within minutes of fulfilling the individual, however you need to invest the requisite time together regardless. They’re just provided 12 hours at initially, Frank and Amy cannot stop believing about each other and questioning if the System actually works — so they hang it all and run away together.

How depressing is it? 0. It is 99.8 percent pleased.
Technology will ruin us: 0. It might … conserve us?
We will damage ourselves: 0. Not this time!
Total: 0

18. San Junipero

Season 3, episode 4

Black Mirror

Love wins! It wins Emmys too with the story of Yorkie and Kelly, who fall in love in a simulated truth that reunites them in various ages while they’re in fact in their passing away days of old age. When Yorkie asks Kelly to stick with her, to live permanently in this virtual truth, Kelly needs to consider whatever else that became part of her life, including her household — however in the end, it’s them versus the world, and they dominate it.

How depressing is it? 1. Since Kelly does not get to be with her household, just. ONE POINT.
Innovation will damage us:
0. It may have some excellent in it.
We will damage ourselves:
Total: 1

17. U.S.S. Callister

Season 4, episode 1

How depressing is it? 1. The majority of the Callister team makes it through the wormhole, even if they are separated from their physical kinds in the outdoors world, however bad Walton is burning for eternity
Technology will ruin us: 1. Perhaps, in the hands of a sociopath who puts out a struck on everybody who brings him the incorrect coffee.
We will ruin ourselves: 2 points for Richard Daly: one for sending to prison genuine individuals in a video game, and one for getting exactly what he was worthy of and winding up caught in there too.
Total: 4

16. Be Right Back

Season 2, episode 1

Agent Carter Martha is heartbroken after the death of her partner, General Hux Ash and orders an extremely sensible robotic to mimic his character and quirks. It never ever gets him rather right, however, so she chooses to obtain rid of it, and winds up concealing it in the attic from grace, with visitation rights for Ash’s child.

How depressing is it? 3. It’s the “Monkey’s Paw” of Black Mirror.
Innovation will ruin us:
0. If it does not work the method we desire, more like we’ll ruin it.
We will ruin ourselves:
1.5. Desiring exactly what you cannot have is the most prevalent approach of self-destruction.

15. Nosedive

Season 3, episode 1

Black Mirror

In a world where scores are whatever, the very best things in life go to those considered deserving by their peers through an Uber-esque galaxy. When Lacie’s misdirected efforts to enhance her ranking wind up doing simply the opposite, she winds up in a fast decrease of way of life and peace of mind. In the end, she chooses to live outside the guidelines and state “fuck it” to the ranking system.

How depressing is it? 1.5. Lacie’s spiral is difficult to see, however we want to believe she wound up delighted at the end.
Innovation will ruin us:
1.5 Not damage, however govern.
We will damage ourselves:
2.5. Lacie comes close however emerges triumphant, and the rest of society is content to live as things are.
Total: 5.5

14. White Bear

Season 2, episode 2

Victoria gets up unknowning where she is or how she arrived, and end up on the run from individuals she thinks are searching her. All over she goes there are individuals looking, evaluating, however never ever assisting. It ends up that Victoria and her friends eliminated a girl, and the simulated hunt is her everyday sentence for this criminal offense, experienced by paying visitors.

How depressing is it? 3. The criminal activity is horrible however the penalty is thought-provoking.
Innovation will ruin us:
1. Having her memory cleaned causes Victoria extreme physical discomfort, however that’s part of a lawfully approved penalty.
We will ruin ourselves:
2. The offenders sure did.
Total: 6

13. Fifteen Million Merits

Season 1, episode 2

Bing falls for the very first woman he hears singing due to the fact that he resides in exactly what’s generally a jail where individuals work for “benefits.” He presents 15 countless those to Abi for a skill competitors, however when she winds up even worse off than previously, Bing aims to make them back and enters himself to topple the system.

How depressing is it? 3, since there’s no leaving the system, even when you’re screaming about whatever incorrect with it.
Innovation will ruin us:
We will ruin ourselves:
3, due to the fact that Bing accepts the TELEVISION program deal. Exactly what other option does he have?

12. Metalhead

Season 4, episode 5

A female gets away a robotic pet dog that tracks her ruthlessly. When she lastly ruins it, its last act is to shoot her with numerous extra tracking pellets. She slits her own throat understanding that she cannot outrun more of them.

How depressing is it? 2. She was simply attempting to do something great and the fear as she runs for her life is too genuine.
Innovation will damage us:
5. That is essentially the only thing that occurs in this episode.
We will damage ourselves:
1. Just if we break the devices!
Total: 8

11. Crocodile

Season 4, episode 3

A lady goes on a murder spree to cover the tracks of a vehicle mishap she was associated with years ago that eliminated a guy. We discover that there’s innovation which scans individuals’s memories for dependable eyewitness testaments, however that winds up being secondary to all the MURDER.

How depressing is it? 2.5. Our antihero grows numb to murder, as do we, and we’re left feeling more annoyed with her and her doubtful intentions than mentally affected by the episode.
Innovation will ruin us:
1. It has the capacity if it understands too much.
We will damage ourselves:
5. This episode has to do with murder and fear, with innovation as a far-off afterthought.
Total: 8.5

10. Arkangel

Season 4, episode 2

A mom evaluates a brand-new innovation called Arkangel — a little chip that lets her see exactly what her young child is seeing and allow censorship if she considers it unsuitable. That itself is appealing, however when the mom keeps utilizing it as soon as her child ages, there’s a clear ethical quandary. The helicopter mama threatens the young boy her child made love with, when her child discovers, she beats her bloody with the Arkangel tablet.

How depressing is it? 3.5 for tried matricide.
Innovation will damage us:
2. , if we abuse it..
We will damage ourselves:
4. If we imitate morons.
Total: 9.5

9. The Entire History of You

Season 1, episode 3

Liam has the relatively best life when he begins to presume his sweetheart is cheating on him. He will not release the concept, and “grains” implanted in both their minds offer him the capability to rewind her memories and discover the evidence. Their relationship breaks down. Alone, Liam discovers himself replaying memories of the great times till he cannot stand it any longer and eliminates his grain.

How depressing is it? 3. You destroyed whatever , Liam!
Innovation will damage us:
2. As soon as once again, the tech here will just decipher individuals if they let it.
We will ruin ourselves:
4. With the ideal innovation, we’re extremely capable.
Total: 9

8. Male Against Fire

Season 3, episode 5

Black Mirror

A group of military operatives hunt “roaches” — human beings who have actually been damaged or contaminated and should be put down. After an encounter that yields a left roach, Stripe begins seeing human beings rather of roaches and believes it’s a breakdown with his neural chip. Unfortunately, the company he works for is damaging everybody’s senses, sending them to assassinate innocent human beings and view roaches where there are none. Even worse yet, Stripe discovers that he granted the treatment which would clean his memory and let him belong to this. Now in the understand and threatened, he makes the very same option once again.

How depressing is it? 3.5. Deceive me two times and all that.
Technology will damage us:
2.5. Stop letting individuals into your brains, people.
We will ruin ourselves:
Total: 9.5

7. Black Museum

Season 4, episode 6

Nish brings up to a “Black Museum” relatively in the middle of no place, which consists of the worst cautionary tales about innovation and the human mind. There’s the instrument utilized by a physician who ended up being addicted to discomfort; the packed monkey now including a deserted mom’s awareness; and the maintained type of a male founded guilty of a criminal offense he didn’t devote — Nish’s dad, tortured constantly by museum visitors. His conviction caused her mom’s death and sent out Nish out here to obtain vengeance — which she does.

How depressing is it? 3.5, however with a gratifying ending.
Technology will damage us:
4. It brings just discomfort and damage in every vignette.
We will damage ourselves:
2. The museum manager is accountable for nearly all of the torment triggered, and you might argue that he causes his own end. It’s likewise an especially rough episode that damages a household since of racial violence , which the program does not believe we can conquer this repellent social devil promotes itself.
Total: 9.5

6. The National Anthem

Season 1, episode 1

The British Prime Minister gets a risk from somebody who’s holding a princess captive: The only method to launch her unscathed is for the Prime Minister to make love with a pig on live tv. Huge federal government does not succumb to risks gently, however as the due date approaches and the princess’ life stays in threat, the Prime Minister caverns and dedicates the act in front of a global audience. The princess was launched prior to he in fact did it, and his marital relationship is never ever the exact same.

How depressing is it? 4, generally due to the fact that this episode accompanies existing innovation; it’s the mirror part of Black Mirror.
Innovation will ruin us:
2. Twitter is the opponent.
We will damage ourselves:
4, maybe from worry of innovation.
Total: 10

5. White Christmas

Season 2, episode 4

Meet Matt, who unlawfully ran a dating coach-esque service for lonesome boys and the voyeurs who wish to see them in action — a service he ended after a customer was killed. Satisfy his roomie, Potter, who stalked his ex after she had their child even though she obstructed him, and then eliminated her daddy when he discovered out it may not be his infant and let stated infant (now a kid) roam into a blizzard.

How depressing is it? 4. Potter had whatever for one shining minute, and after that all of it was up to shit.
Innovation will ruin us:
1. It definitely tinkers Greta, whose awareness (“cookie”) gets taken into a wise house.
We will ruin ourselves:
Total: 10

4. Playtest

Season 3, episode 2

An American stranded in the U.K. evaluates out a virtual truth video game for the money. There’s a certain haunted home ambiance, and a game-within-the-game, none which matters in the end due to the fact that the innovation was so effective that it generally short-circuits his brain and eliminates him within seconds.

How depressing is it? 3. We invest the entire episode with our person as he suffers, and it’s all for absolutely nothing.
Innovation will damage us:
5. A guy passed away!
We will damage ourselves:
3. Why do we like innovation again?Total: 11.

3. Disliked in the Nation

Season 3, episode 6

A couple of apparently unassociated deaths are discovered leading back to a despiteful hashtag. Whomever the country dislikes on Twitter winds up dead after a pirated robotic bee flies into the brain and ruins the body. Investigators on the case are frightened and aim to secure the next victim, however they understand they have to close down the bugs completely. Rather, their pilot — who looks for no financial settlement, simply mayhem — sends them after everybody who ever utilized the hashtag to target another individual. It’s a bloodbath.

How depressing is it? 3.5. A great deal of individuals pass away!
Innovation will ruin us:
4. Particularly, robotic bees.
We will ruin ourselves:
4. Killer robotic bees run by individuals. It takes high levels of sadism and preparing to carry out something like that.
Total: 11.5

2. Stop talking and Dance

Season 3, episode 3

Black Mirror

Several people discover themselves on the getting end of devastating blackmail unless they follow directions from a confidential source. Their puppet master commands them to take vehicles, rob banks, even eliminate each other — simply to see how far individuals will go to safeguard their track record. In the end, their credibilities are messed up anyhow, and they need to deal with exactly what they did to preserve one’s honor.

How depressing is it? 4, with all the points being available in at the end.
Innovation will damage us:
3. Lets all go off the grid!
We will ruin ourselves:

1. The Waldo Moment

Season 2, episode 3

Perhaps the most cynical if just due to the fact that this is now truth, “The Waldo Moment” happens in a world where an actual animation is chosen to public workplace due to the fact that the general public liked his frankness and misguidedly believed it would cause favorable modification.

How depressing is it? 5.
Innovation will damage us:
We will damage ourselves:

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