I Tried Khlo Kardashian’s Pregnancy Workout Routine, And It’s No Joke

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor


Khlo Kardashian just recently reappeared from her social networks hiatus to reveal that she and her partner Tristan Thompson were anticipating a child. Of all, duh. And 2nd of all, still waiting on Kylie’ s statement however whatevs. Seriously, I am extremely pleased for them. As well as delighted for the masses who can once again follow her every life proceed her app and site for the completely unreasonable rate of $2.99/ month.

Now at 6 months pregnant and on a press trip for season 2 of her program, Khlo has actually required to her app/website/empire to share her pregnancy exercise regimen, and we are v impressed. Sidebar– fuck those bitches who are offering her shit for exercising throughout her pregnancy. Anyhow, influenced by her devotion to physical fitness and my interest regarding whether I might finish the exercise of a totally pregnant star whose Instagram makes it appear like she invests her 9-5 at the fitness center, I provided the regular a shot. Spoiler alert: My lazy not-at-all-pregnant body has absolutely nothing on Khlo, and 24 Hour Fitness might actually utilize a devices upgrade.

The Workout

Warm Up: 30 Minute Stair Climber

It’ s intriguing to me that 30 minutes of cardio is thought about a “ heat up ”, due to the fact thatto me it ’ s sufficient time at the health club to validate a scone for breakfast. It’ s extremely hard to see on your phone while stair climbing– I misstepped and practically fell like, 3 times. Keep your eyes on the stairs, not Archie’ s abs.

Squat+Shoulder Raises

Khlo then delves into circuit training starting with 4 30-second sets of squats + dumbbell shoulder raises. I, for one, have actually been doing these because my days as a Jillian Michaels exercise video lover, so seeing this on Khlo’ s regular truly brought us closer together. I just made it through 3 sets, however, since I am restless and lazy.

Push-Up Shoulder Taps

The truth that Khlo does refrain from doing these lady design, with her knees on ground, was extremely distressing. As well as indicated that I might just survive 10.

Lateral Duck Walk With Resistance

I might not discover a resistance band at the fitness center– perhaps since it was doing not have in devices choices or perhaps since I wear’ t go typically sufficient to understand where shit is. In any case, I didn’ t do this one since as a lady who was born pigeon toed, I invest adequate time strolling like a bird.

Balance Ball Chest Presses

Those huge ball desk chairs for Pilates lovers are so flexible. I’ m not exactly sure the number of sets Khlo does due to the fact that I can’ t manage her app, however I did 2 sets of 15 with 10-pound weights, and I feel respectable about it (please put on’ t inform me that wasn’ t enough).

Battle Ropes

These appear like scary snakes and I desire absolutely nothing to do with them. Needless to state, I didn’ t search for them at my badly equipped fitness center.

Bird-Dog Plank

While Khlo utilizes Waff Mini’ s for instability training, I was unsteady enough on my own. For this oddly called posture, you raise your arm and opposite leg, hold for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side. I held each side two times and was 1. anxious I had vertigo, and 2. stunned by how challenging it was to hold a single posture, since I can hold the “ lay on the sofa and watch TELEVISION position ” for hours without breaking a sweat.

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